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Aromatherapy Natural Series
Soaring demand for "green" products provides business opportunities - Green entrepreneurs show business is blooming!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to market eco-friendly products at low introductory prices! 
DOG DOG DAY has made it our mission to specialize in environmentally friendly and effective pet supplies. We strive to make fantastic products for  pets which are also good for the environment.
DOG DOG DAY ORGANICS only use Organic /Natural ingredients - Avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives is good for our animals and for our environment.
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Volume Currency  Total Price   
Pefumes for dogs - all fragrances             12.99  . 
l           Pure, Natural & Smelling Good!!~  
l           Let the pampered dogs experience true luxury and glamour with our natural organic perfumes!   
Various Fragrances  
        Relaxing Lavender 80ml USD                              6.00  
        SUPER PUP 80ml USD                              6.00  
        WILD JUNGLE 80ml USD                              6.00  
        BABY SHOWER 80ml USD                              6.00  
         SWEET CANDY 80ml USD                              6.00  
         PUPPY LOVE 80ml USD                              6.00  
         SEA BREEZE 80ml USD                              6.00  
         SODA POP  
l           makes your dog smells great   
l           help your dog to relax  
l           energize your dog  
Fleas and Ticks Spray / Natural Insects Repellent for Dogs 80ml USD                              6.00             12.99
l           A Dog fleas & ticks Spray that is Safe and Natural!   
l           Natural, safe alternatives that will kill and repel fleas and other insects without harming people or pets.   
l           Keep dogs free of ticks and fleas with this potent combination of pure essential oils.  
Natural Aromatherapy Spritzer / Air Freshener Spray 80ml USD                              6.00             12.99
l           Our Aromatherapy sprays can help you rid a room of pet smells, damp and musty odours, bathroom smells and more. Just a few squirts of our Aromatherapy air fresheners will ensure the room or car smells natural and fresh for several hours.   
l           Ideal for revitalising and refreshing a room or for masking doggie odours throughout the house, office and car.